Getting your hearing aids fitted is an important part of successfully treating your hearing loss. Our audiologists are trained and qualified to fit hearing aids properly. It’s a multistep process that involves creating an ear mold and programming or adjusting the hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Hearing aids work well when custom-fitted to your ears and programmed for your needs and preferences, which is why it’s never a good idea to buy a generic hearing aid online.

Overall, hearing aids have become sleeker and better at controlling noise than they once were. Our hearing professionals will help you select a hearing aid style to best meet your needs and check to make sure your hearing aids feel comfortable. Then, we’ll program them and recheck your hearing with the hearing aids in place. We’ll demonstrate the advanced features of your new hearing aids and teach you how to operate and care for them. If your hearing aids fall short of your expectations, return them to us immediately. We’re happy to adjust them for you.

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Your Hearing Aid Fitting Will Help You Get the Best Sound

We’ll program your new hearing aids based on your hearing test results, your preferences and specific listening environments. We can program your hearing aids to help you hear in a variety of situations, including in crowds, restaurants, and other difficult listening situations. Hearing is subjective; friends and family members with the same degree of hearing loss may prefer to have their hearing aids programmed differently than yours.

Live Speech Mapping

We also use Live Speech Mapping, a hearing aid fitting process that uses probe microphones and live real-time speech so you and your family members can immediately experience the benefits of hearing aids and understand the fitting process.

Hearing Aids and Follow-up Care

Hearing Aids and Follow-up Care

When you’re buying a hearing aid, you’re entering a long-term relationship with us. We want you to get the most from your hearing aids now and in the future. Over the course of one to three follow-up visits, we’ll look at the situations where you thrive and those where you might need improvement. We’ll adjust your hearing aids based on your experience with them, so you can feel confident no matter where you are.

Today’s hearing aids are highly programmable, and small readjustments may make a big difference. Your hearing aids should fit comfortably. They should provide the appropriate amount of loudness. If you’re not satisfied, come see us immediately for alterations to provide a comfortable fit.

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Getting Used to Your Hearing Aids

Hearing loss typically develops over many years. It will take time and practice to become reacquainted with sounds while using hearing aids. It takes some of our patients only a few days to get used to their new hearing aids, but most need several weeks to a few months.

In general, the greater your degree of hearing loss and the longer you’ve been experiencing it, the more challenging it is to transition to hearing aids. There’s no perfect way to learn how to adjust to hearing aids. But the time you spend adjusting to your new hearing aids is well worth it.

Try to be patient with yourself as you get used to the new sounds. Feel free to return to our office for adjustments or to consult with us if needed. We’re here to help you through this process!

Getting the Most from Your Hearing Aids

To help us adjust your hearing aids so you can get the maximum benefit from wearing them:

  1. Wear your hearing aids. The more you wear them, the more you’ll get used to them and, most importantly, the more information you’ll have to tell us so we can make adjustments, if necessary.
  2. Make a list of where you aren’t hearing as well as you’d like to so we can reprogram the devices to work better there. Is it in restaurants? When you’re in a meeting at work? We want to know.
  3. Be patient. We can help you get the most from your hearing aids, but it may take two or three visits to make this happen. Keep in mind that improving your hearing can be a process.

If you’re not satisfied with your hearing aids, you’re welcome to visit us for any necessary fitting issues. Our hearing aids come with a trial or adjustment period, typically 30 days from date of purchase. You also have the option of returning your hearing aids during the trial period for a refund minus a small fitting/restocking fee.


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