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Click a service below for more information. Our hearing healthcare services include, but are not limited to:

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

A thorough evaluation encompassing the entire auditory system is important to anyone who may be experiencing a possible change in their hearing range. Detecting any changes as soon as possible provides a much better long-term prognosis.

Otoacoustic Emissions

A specific test for the first part of the auditory system, which includes the outer hair cells within the cochlea. This is a very sensitive test that can pick up subtle changes in hearing before they manifest in other tests of the auditory system.

Auditory Evoked Potentials

A special test designed to evaluate the ability of the hearing nerves to deliver the signals to the brain. This is done by comparing the conduction time for the signal to travel from the hearing nerve to some of the higher centers in the brain.

Cerumen (Wax) Management

Wax can build up in the ears, preventing us from hearing normally or even causing tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Removal of this wax is essential to improving the ability to hear and help reduce/eliminate the tinnitus caused by the cerumen.

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Those who have a change in their hearing range can have technology designed to help us hear better demonstrated in the office, allowing somebody to experience what the world sounds like when help is provided.

We are proud to carry cutting-edge hearing aid technology by the following leading manufacturers:

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids can stop working or lose their effectiveness. Sometimes the problem is simple and can be fixed in the office; sometimes the hearing aids need to be sent to an outside laboratory. Home Audiology Services works with 5 hearing aid manufacturers and one all-make laboratory, allowing most hearing aids to be serviced.

Secure WarrantyWe are also proud to carry the EarQ Secure Warranty on select devices—the most comprehensive hearing aid warranty available!

Auditory Training/Rehabilitation

Sometimes, hearing aids aren’t enough to help somebody who is having a problem. Hearing and processing are two different things. We hear with our ears, and we process/understand what was heard with our brains. We can improve somebody’s ability to hear with hearing aids, but we cannot improve a person’s ability to understand the amplified speech. Background noise can cause quite a bit of difficulty even for somebody properly fit with hearing aids, so we recommend auditory training exercises to improve a person’s ability to process speech in more difficult listening environments.

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Tinnitus Management

Contrary to popular belief, tinnitus is not a disease. Tinnitus is a symptom of many different underlying causes, including ear infections, objects or wax in the ear, age related hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss and some allergies to medications.

But what causes tinnitus? Typically, the most common cause of tinnitus is damage to the inner ear cell. In an undamaged ear, tiny hairs within the cochlea bend with the pressure of sound. This bending sends a signal to the neurons connected to the hair cells which indicates to the hearing nerve, and ultimately your brain, that a sound is being heard. If the hairs within the cochlea are bent or broken, they can send phantom electrical signal impulses to your brain, signaling there’s a sound present when there is not.

The first step in treating tinnitus is getting an audiological evaluation performed. Based on the information gained, different approaches can be made to minimize the effects of your tinnitus. These include but are not limited to: ear wax removal, changing medications, white noise machines, hearing aids, masking devices, and some medications (though it’s important to note that drugs cannot cure tinnitus, as presently there is no cure).

While some of these approaches may help reduce or end your tinnitus, they may not always work. There are different ways to help make symptoms less bothersome. Avoiding irritants, managing your stress level, reducing alcohol intake, and masking the tinnitus with a fan or soft music may help. Though most cases of tinnitus cannot be prevented, there are steps to help reduce certain kinds of tinnitus.

Tinnitus management with the use of hearing devices (they can be combination devices that include a component for amplification to treat hearing loss or can be stand alone sound generation devices) is available through our practice. Today, all four featured hearing aid manufacturers of this practice offer a combination device or a sound generation device.

Widex was the pioneer in this venture with the introduction of Zen. Zen makes use of fractal tones (randomly generated musical tones) to distract the user from the perception of their tinnitus. Signia offers three different signals (pink noise, white noise, speech noise) which can be used with or without amplification. Starkey uses a ‘Multiflex Tinnitus Technology’ to create a patient preferred sound stimulus and have a specific type of device called Xino Tinnitus for tinnitus management.

The use of a properly selected combination or stand alone device (dependent on if the person needs treatment of hearing loss) can be an enormous benefit for those seeking relief from their tinnitus.

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