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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are hearing aids so expensive?

A. When you purchase hearing aids, you are purchasing three things: the product, the provider, and the service contract. This is why a lower price for the same product elsewhere does not give an accurate picture. You may be fit with the same product, but the process and the professional services will not be the same. According to the July 2009 issue of Consumer Reports, two-thirds of the shoppers for Consumer Reports fit with hearing aids were either over- or under-fit. Home Audiology Services uses real ear probe microphone measurements to verify proper amplification levels so this does not occur.

Q. Do I need two hearing aids? Or can I get by with just one?

A. If you have hearing loss in both of your ears, it is much better to treat the problem on both sides. This provides the end user with a much better sense of balance with hearing from both sides. It is also easier to hear in background noise and is easier to tell where the sound is coming from when using both hearing aids.

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Tinnitus therapy

Q. I have ringing in my ears; what is this?

Widex Zen

A. The presence of any sound (ringing, buzzing, hissing, etc.) by an individual but not perceived by others is referred to as tinnitus. Tinnitus has numerous causes (noise exposure, hearing loss, certain medication side effects), and currently there is no cure for it.

However, there are treatment options available with the use of hearing devices, such as the Widex Zen product. Contact us for more information on treatment options.

Q. Who makes the best hearing aids?

A. There is no “best” company for hearing aids. Each hearing aid manufacturer does things differently, and you cannot use a “one size fits all” rationale in our opinion. While many of our patients are fit with one particular manufacturer, some of them are fit with a different product. Several patients have started with one product and had to switch to another. After the switch, the residual issues were resolved. Our goal is to provide the best option for each patient’s individual hearing loss.

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Q. Do any insurance companies pay for hearing aids?

A. Some insurance plans have set coverage for hearing aids. The Empire Plan has $1,500.00 coverage per ear toward hearing aids, and this renews every four years. Other insurance plans offer hearing aid coverage, but it is up to the patient to contact his or her insurance carrier to see what the specific benefits are.

Q. Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

A. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover hearing aids.

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