Meet the Audiologist, Christopher Beuhler, Au.D., Board Certified

"I got into the field of audiology after studying Speech-Language Pathology as an undergraduate. It was an accidental discovery of sorts. After applying to graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology for two years and not getting in, I decided the following year to diversify my approach. In addition to the Speech Pathology programs, I applied to one school for their audiology program. While I was writing my personal statement on why I want to pursue audiology, I realized that this profession was a perfect match for me on many levels; much more so than any other field.

I ended up founding the company for several reasons. One: I always wanted to start my own business and Two: I felt that I could offer a superior choice for those residents of Eastern Long Island in need of audiology services when compared to the existing choices in the area.

My favorite part of the job is the immediate positive impact for patients receiving treatment for changes in the hearing range. I love working with people; no two patients are the same.

The primary goal for the practice is to continue its growth and branding process. I would like to see the practice become recognized by the community as the premiere choice for audiology needs."

~ Christopher Beuhler, Au.D.

Dr. Christopher Beuhler, Au.D., Board Certified
Jennifer DeCarlo

Meet the Office Manager, Jennifer DeCarlo

Jennifer DeCarlo joined Home Audiology Services in September 2013. She was previously employed at a primary care physician's office for 11 years. Her work experience is crucial with regards to operating the business on a day-to-day basis. Her knowledge of insurances, credentialing, billing, collection, denial appeals, and other pertinent issues has allowed her to transition into her new role as the office manager seamlessly; however, she did not stop there. When asked if she wanted to learn additional software such as QuickBooks, she jumped at the chance given her previous experience with accounting at another job. When asked if she wanted to pursue the training and education necessary to become a licensed hearing aid dispenser she gave an emphatic 'yes!' Since she has begun her training, there are now many things that she is capable of handling with regards to hearing aids. She is able to change wax traps, change microphone covers, perform basic cleaning and checking operations, processing repairs and orienting patients for hearing aid use. This has been extremely valuable for the business since she is able to help patients with most hearing aid matters when the audiologist is not in the office.

Her pleasant demeanor and talent for being able to engage everyone who comes in the office in a positive manner is one of the things that keeps patients coming back to the office (and coming back happy). Overall, Home Audiology Services, P.C. is extremely fortunate to have her as the office manager.

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